Sunday, 9 September 2018

Top Five Kids Birthday Party Dress Ideas

Kids now days are so well informed that cake, chips, and chocolate won’t just suffice for them. They want to have more fun and feel more special. Here we will help you make to little prince and princess feel super agile, super strong and more loved. Kids hate uniforms but love dresses. Below are top five dress themes for your kids birthday bash.

1-Iron Man/ Avengers/Wonderwoman/Super Heroes

Dawney Jr is the heartthrob of many and kids adore him. Boys would love to dress. Some kids might want to become Captain America, Hulk, and Thor. For girls, there is Black Widow, Wonder woman, Wanda and more. This avengers theme will surely come to your rescue for a theme party. The clothes are available online and offline stores.


Who can forget Lightning McQueen? Kids loved Cars movie and they would love to be dressed cars clothes theme. For both boys and girls, there are various colors and arts to choose from and plus they are available for a reasonable price online. From red Mcqueen to purple Mator to Green Karla there is a wide range to choose from.

3-Harry Potter

This magic movie will help to get rid of your theme woes. The black gowns the magical broom and stick will certainly put laughter on your kids' faces. Both boys and girls can stick to a theme. Colorful gowns can be made at home and stick brooms and beards can be purchased for dirt cheap prices.

4-Chota Bheem

Our desi strong man is not behind. Sure the boys don’t have to be bare chested a skin color full sleeve buffed up a t-shirt and a dhoti will do. For girls, a lehenga and chunri will bring life to the party.

5-Dream Jobs

“Bade hokar kya banoge”. We all had dreamed of jobs when were growing young. Let the kids do their jobs in the party. An astronaut, a ship captain, a cricketer, a doctor, a fireman will have a great time playing with a soldier, a teacher, actresses and many more. Some dresses can be made at home some have to purchase online.

Planning a great party is a tough task. It is a notch higher on the difficulty level. However, if you hire birthday party organisers in Delhi Ncr , then it will be easy for you. It’s a tough crowd to please after all! But with these dresses ideas in your kitty, we are sure you can easily plan a memorable party for your children. Let us know in the comments below, which dresses you picked and how it worked out for you!

Top 5 Birthday party themes ideas for kids

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Birthday butterflies spare none!!

All of us get a chance to celebrate our being on earth, and each of us is very excited to celebrate it with all pomp and show. This is the day we were born and celebrated by all around us and welcomed warmly and pampered, captured, loved and what not.

This special day is none other than our birthday. This day everyone is happy just at the sight of you and they honour existence and being a part of them. Birthday embarks a new phase in life and each year it adds more and more colours to it. Every birthday keeps us demanding for more and more. Be it anyone, birthday month is the most special month on the calendar for everyone, however young or old. Birthday countdowns by friends and siblings, family members make us feel all the more special and pampered. Presents, games, activities, gifts and dance make a birthday celebration complete in itself. The birthday butterflies spare none! Its all about the cake, presents, sparkles and hugs. Life can be filled with so many topsy-turvy events, pits and peaks, and to say we’ve made it another year is something to be accredited.

All of us feel super excited regarding our special date, the birthday date of course. We want to toss confetti in the air and raise a toast to our existence. Expecting our near and dear ones to gather and be a party to the grand affair is too obvious and one of the heartfelt wishes. Being the star of the evening makes the feeling all the more special. That glowing smile on the face says it all. Those dozens of phone calls and presents and wishes along with the blessings. What more can one ask for? The wackiest birthday animal in you at bay is all set to rock the party. Be it your fam jam or friend jam or colleague jam. You certainly want it all. Isn’t it true?

We at birthday on call help to make it “Truer than true!”

Birthday on call helps you materialize all your plans and wishes. We are the best birthday party organisers in delhi ncr . Our thrust is on actualizing your dream and making your celebration truly grand and eventful. As it is all memories are made and gathered just around the birthday cake. Truly the moment may cease here, but the memories definitely would last a lifetime.

How to start an individual business of birthday party organizer in Delhi

The party or event planning industry has grown tremendously. In recent research, it is found that people spend $500 billion annually on organizing the events. The revenues in this industry are continuously rising. Profit margin can be between 20% to 40%. There are many birthday party organizers in Delhi and NCR who are earning handsome amount.

Event planning refers to the organizing of special events for many purposes like
•    Wedding, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries or any type of celebrations.
•    It also includes events for education like graduation, conferences, meeting etc.
•    Events for promotions like fashion show, launch of the product etc
•    Events for commemorations like a memorial.

Organizing an event includes many activities like research, event design, finding a suitable location, catering, d├ęcor, invitations, accommodations, coordination, supervision, evaluation and much more.

Why do people hire party organizer?

The people lack the expertise in planning and organizing the events. They don’t have any expertise and it includes the huge list of tasks which need a good team. BirthdayParty Organisers in Delhi or near city handles the event planning successfully.

How to become a party organizer?

To become an event manager. One should possess the degree of event management and should have a good work experience. You have to be certified from any event management institute and possess the degree of Certified Special Event Professional or Certified Meeting Planner. The cost of the business varies on many factors like the location of the business for example cost for the birthday party organizer in Noida will be different from Delhi. It also depends on whether you are working from home or got office space on rent. The start-up cost will include expenses like rent, inventory, equipment, licenses, advertising, legal fees, miscellaneous expenses etc.

Planning a birthday party events is not the fix job. The nature of the business is completely different. Birthdays and event can be held on any day, holiday or weekends.  The people who are starting this type of business first time may face difficulties the cost of organizing the event is expensive, they might charge low and get very less or no profit. Advertising is a great way to promote but word of mouth and wide network helps the start up to grow in this industry. An event planning website, the small ad in a newspaper, e-brochure on emailing list will be of great help to get the success.